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SNK subsidiary: NeoGeo Mini will be $100-150

Posted Jun 16 2018 at 01:18 (Sat)

SNK's anticipated handheld miniature of its vintage candy cab will be coming soon, and it may be offered at a relatively affordable price than fans may be expecting.

According to a report by the business section of Korean newspaper site The Fact, SNK's direct Korean branch SNK Interactive said on Tuesday that the NeoGeo Mini's sticker price is currently being considered between $100 - $150 US Dollars. The subsidiary also added that the handheld's price should be announced promptly once it gets finalized.

The Fact additionally reported that the NeoGeo mini is slated for release this summer but not in June, hinting it is likely to come out either during July or August.

Japanese magazine Famitsu seems to echo The Fact; in an interview with SNK marketing dept design chief Shinsuke Matsushita, he confirmed that his company is targeting a July 22 release to mark SNK's 40th anniversary, but it may be possible to release the handheld even earlier.

Thanks to Gatoray for the news.
Thumbnail photo : Dr. Strangelove Retrogaming

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