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SNK Heroines gets tag price and CD bonus

Posted May 24 2018 at 14:40 (Thu)

The official new site for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy launched today together with a new trailer showcasing a glimpse of the game's storyline and various features.

Alongside Love Heart being shown for the first time, the new trailer also confirms a few new details:

- The game's storyline takes place right after KOFXIV
- The heroines get abducted and wake up in a mansion where the only means to escape is to fight their way out. It's up to the player to win through the matches and beat the unknown host
- The unknown host abducted the heroines to accumulate their "power of despair" for some sinister reason
- Each character has a total of 3 costumes and 4 voice variations to chose from
- Online allows for up to 8 players in "Room Match"
- Players can make wages with their in-game money in "Quick Match"

For Japan, SNK Heroines will be released on September 6 with a tag price of 4,800 yen + 8% tax (total 5,184 yen) for both the physical and digital release.

First shipments of the game will come with a bonus soundtrack CD featuring 16 selected tracks including the game's main theme and a vocal track "Calling Heart" featuring the VA of Yuri Sakazaki. This CD will be exclusive only as a bonus for the physical release.

Store-exclusive bonuses will be announced in the future.

Thanks to Yuki Yagami for the news.

Official Site:

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