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SNK Investing into Korean market

Posted Apr 1 2018 at 17:20 (Sun)

2018 is certainly looking like a big year for SNK's global expansion and investment.

Following mid-March reports that SNK is preparing to debut in the Korean Exchange (KOSDAQ), the company released a press statement on Thursday to announce a partnership with local mobile game studio Neptune Company and the launch of a new subsidiary.

According to Reuters, SNK made a capital investment of 30 billion won (3 million yen) to Neptune Company, a mobile game studio founded in 2012 by former NHN Hangame CEO Jeong Wook. The company, based in Segonam Korea, has been proactive in game development as well as market investments, most notably for their early investment into Bluehole Studio, the developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

SNK also said they launched a Korean subsidiary SNK Interactive (CEO: Jeon Sehwan, 37) last year as a part of their ongoing plan to strengthen their business and expansion in Korea.

Puzzle TanTan, one of Neptune's mobile games featured on the popular LINE social media in asian regions

Thanks to Gatoray for the news.


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