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Taito Station Undercover documentary

Posted Feb 14 2018 at 18:25 (Wed)

Arcades may be a dieing breed, but the president of Taito is certainly not holding back on punches from having his company go the way of the Dodo.. even if he gets lynched by his own staff.

According to Taito's official Twitter, the company president Tetsu Yamada has gone undercover to see what it's like to work at their Taito Station arcade chain and to find potential issues. A one-hour TV show Boss Sennyu (Undercover Boss) will air on Japanese national NHK-BS TV on Feb 21, covering the tracks of president Yamada who not only dyed his hair for the occasion but also put on a pretty convincing mouthache.

Show Synopsis -

Taito, an amusement company renowned for their Invader Games and arcade chains. Disguised and hiding his identity, the boss learns the hardships of working at an arcade as he gets shouted by part-time workers and staff. The truth told by an employee leaves him in complete shock. A Female clerk shows how real customer service is done! See the Intense Drama behind the reality of their poor sales

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