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Updated Details on Final Fantasy IX (3/25/00)

In an recent interview with Ascii publishing,VA number of updated details have been released regarding Final Fantasy IX.

1- Game Play
Vice President of Sqaure and Producter of the Final Fantasy series Nobuhiko Sakaguchi revealed that the drama/presentation and computer techniques used in the game will be exceed that of Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

However, Sakaguchi revealed that the fighting screen will be centered more on tactics and play. That is, special effects on attacks such as magics and explosions, will not be as time consuming and dynamic as before in order not to sacrifice game play. The 'Summon" is still existant in the game, but are schedueld to be less time consuming as well.

In addition, while the smoothness of gameplay is expected than previously, Final Fantasy IX will include a good number of "extra play" events, unrelated to the scenario.

2- The Crystal

Original image, retouched red

It has been reported that the center core of the castle seen in the flying theater image, is actually a crystal.

Click for no-text version image

The same castle is seen in the night image as well, with the White Winged mystery and an edifice similar to the summon creature Alexander, is guarding the crystal from the dragon.
However to note, the castle is not that of the Alexandria Kingdom, which Steiner serves under.

3- Names and Images
The followings are the correct spelling of character names. Square has not revealed as to what the similar looking miniature creatures on the sides of the characters are (seen below).

Zidane Tribal
Vivi Ornitier
Adelbert Steiner


Final Fantasy IX is scheduled for release on the PlayStation in 7/19/00, price undetermined.
The Madman's Cafe will keep on track for the latest news regarding Final Fantasy IX.

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