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Details on Final Fantasy IX (3/12/00)

Final Fantasy IX
has been announced for release on 7/19/2000. Details and Images of of the game have been released by Square through the Weekly Jump magazine (Publisher: Shueisha).

Unlike in the previous series on the PlayStation which took place in a technologically advanced world, the world of Final Fantasy IX is set in a Medieval, fantasy-like atmosphere.

As can be seen from the logo, the "Crystal" is back in the storyline of the game. In previous series up to FFV, the crystal played an important role in the storyline, such as being the power which balanced the world, or helping the main characters by giving them strength.

There have been three main characters revealed as of now- Jitan (Zitan), Bibi (Vivi), and Steiner.


Jitan the Thief.

A member of a thieves guild, Jitan is 16 years old and has a bright and hot personality.
Jitan wears light clothing and is equipped with a dagger, suggesting that he is an agile character.
As a young boy, Jitan has a lot of interest in girls.
(Note: Is that a tail on Jitan's back?)

Bibi, the Black magician.

Bibi is a 9 year child who is very weak in will, and often ends up following others.
However as a black magician, Bibi may hold powerful energy.

Steiner the Knight.

Steiner is a 33 year old Knight who is thought to be hardheaded.
Working under a Kingdom (yet unknown), Steiner serves for its princess.
Steiner carries a huge sword on his back, suggesting that he is a power based fighter.

Et Cetra

While a number of images have been released, not much information has been revealed of the storyline yet. However, a number of shots do hint parts of the game's Scenario. (The "note"s written are speculations made by "Madman" Henry Moriarty, and are not official information.)

"Now I can take the princess back to the Castle!"
(Note: Sneider is walking back to a flying ship. As many flying ships have been revealed in the released images, it would be safe to assume that the technology of flying is high in the world of FFIX.)

"If you go further than here, you can't come back."
(Note: Jitan is talking to a girl. Is she another main or key character, Perhaps even Steiner's princess? Only time will tell. Thus far, one point has been announced officially: Jitan likes girls.)

"Dolls... those Black magicians too, were like dolls.."

Final Fantasy IX is scheduled for release on the PlayStation in 7/19/00, price undetermined.
The Madman's Cafe will keep on track for the latest news regarding Final Fantasy IX.

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"I.. can't anymore.. I'm going to die, here.."
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