Done on 6/18/97

Marvels SuperHeroes Game System Finally Revealed

More on Capcom's Marvel SuperHeroes vs Street Fighter is coming to be revealed as time passes by. The Game basically plays with the same system as X-men Vs Street Fighter, but this time the beginner's mode can execute special moves just by rapid repeating the buttons. There is also a new team assistance mode in which the partner comes out to attack the enemy.

Also to be noteworthy is the existance of some special team combos such as Zangief's double screw piledriver as shown in the picture.

Changes to old characters have been made as well, such as Sakura who can shoot her projectile diagonally this time.... but not horizontally at all. Unfortunately there is no female character in the MSH side.

For former news on MSH vs STF, please refer to the appetizers section. And for the move list of this game (already created), check out the cafe's new entree' section.

Marvels SuperHeores Vs Street Fighter Copyright Marvel Comics Co., Capcom Co. 1997


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