-Done on 7/11/98-
Ehrgeiz Announced For Playstation
Newly Redrawn Yoko
Ehrgeiz has been announced to be converted to the Playstation near December. Dream Factory- the same company which has made Tobal2, will be working on the conversion. A demo of the game with a special version movie opening & ending will be included in the soon to be released Brave Fencer Musashiden.



While only three characters (Godhand, Yoko & Cloud) will be in the demo, there will be two extra modes included- infinity fight mode, a survival mode where the life can get stocked up in a heart container after matches, and a battle runner mode where the characters must complete on running a designated number of laps around the ring in order to win.

The full version of the game is planned to include even more mini-games and a Quest mode like Tobal 2. And in addition to Clou dnad Tifa, other characters from final Fantasy 7 are scheduled to make appearences although it has not yet been revealed in detail.

Copyright Square Co., 1998

 -Done on 7/11/98-
RBS Dominated Minds- Secrets

Customize Moves- Characters who have been finished in survival mode can be customized in what special moves are to be assigned for the four buttons.

Endings- Can be seen from the options screen once the game is finished in single mode, and the contes' for the anime can be seen once the single mode is beaten including Geese.

Hidden Moves- Extra hidden moves will become available once the single mode is finished with all the characters with Geese beaten in each game.
Not all characters have hidden moves.

Terry SDM Hight Angle Geyser QCB x 2 + Square
Andy SDM Shouryureppa QCB x 2 + Square
Joe SDM ExplosionHurricaneTigerHeel QCB x 2 + Square
Chonshu SDM Emperor's Dragon QCB x 2 + Square
Chonrei SDM Emperor's End QCB x 2 + Square Near Opponent
Billy SDM Neo Scarlet Uppercut QCB x 2 + Square
Tung SDM Flying Fists QCB x2 + Square
Cheng DM Hit n' Run QCB x 2 + CircleSquare 
FI Connector
Mai DM Fan Rage (QCB + Square) x 4 
FI Connector
Geese SDM Ashura Shippuken QCF x 2 + Square
Alfred SDM HexaDrive QCF x 2 + Square In Air 
Franco SDM G-g-g-GutsDunk QCF x 2 + Square
Krauser SDM Unlimited Desire  QCB, F + Cross..... (2 Types)
Mary DM Splash Rose F, HCF + CircleSquare
Honfu Normal Headbutt B, F + Square
Laurence Normal 
Bloody Axel A 
Bloody Axel A
QCB + Cross 
QCB + Circle

How to fight Geese- 380 fighting points must be obtained before reaching the 8th character. Once the point is gained Geese will come out after that match. Fighting points goes as follows- SSS:53 / SS:45 / S:33 / AAA:25 / AA:17 / A:12 / B:9 : C:5
Bob Special combos
Combo 1
Throw(F or B + Square),     B, FD + Cross + Square on Knee,     F + Circle on first Spin Kick
Can be connected to Final Impact

Combo 2
Throw(F or B + Square),     B, FD + Cross + Square on Knee,      D + Circle on first spin kick or U + Circle,       B, F, F + Circle + Square

Combo 3
Throw(F or B + Square),     FD x 2 + Circle during throw,     B, F, F + Circle + Square
Can be connected to Final Impact

Copyright SNK Co., 1998


-Done on 6/12/98-
Quick Misc news on SFA3 Beta Testing

The Madman's Gone Beta Testing SFA3!
It was the most eeriest beta testing imaginable. Only two people were allowed in the room with the game machine- the players.
Everyone else waiting were not allowed a peek...  But thanks to the moves list freely distributed by the arcade: GameFantasia, it
should be up on the Cafe' as well in no time!
----Remember Cody's infinity from Final Fight? Well now it's a super combo...
----Cody can dodge like characters in The King Of Fighters.
----Cody can pick up a knife and stab or throw it. It won't disapper like in Final Fight.
----Rolento Finally moves forward in his Patriot Circle.
----Is there an "advancing guard" system in the game?
----R.Mika has a interchangable throw.
----Karin has an interchangable tripple attack, plus upper and lower move counters.
----If the player doesn't wake up in the air when hit, he/she can be comboed to death.
----E.Honda seems utterly strong..

Cody's Storyline:
After settling Metro City in Peace, Cody still could not live as a normal man. With his blood calling out for even more fights, Cody was
soon  back out in the streets punching out hoodlums to the hospital.  It was not that later that Cody found himself in jail for all his
deeds, being farewelled by his former lover Jessica.

PS- Darklancer (of the Lancer's Arcade) was commenting that-
1- Cody looks like... Macdonald's Ham-burgular...
2- R.Mika... Sigh.. Spice Gal...

PS#2- The official game may be distributed to lacal ardades in Japan during this month, according to some sources.



-Done on 6/12/98-
Street Fighter EX2 Hidden Character Codes Revealed By Arika

Arika has revealed the conditions to use the hidden characters in SFEX2.

Method 1-
Finish the game with over 500,000 points on each character.

Method 2-
In the System Test screen, select "Color Adjustment"  and press the buttons on the 1P side as follows:
Feirce P, Weak P, Weak K, Feirce K, Mid P, Weak P, Weak K, Mid K, Weak K, Mid K, Mid P, Weak P, Feirce K, Mid K, Mid P, Feirce P
Note: Only the operator or owner of the game has access to the configurations. Also, the game must be played once after the code has been set, or the machine will not memorize it.


 -Done on 5/10/98-
Yamaha Software Synthesizer to be packed with Final Fantasy 7 for the PC

It has been revealed that Yamaha's Software Midi Synthesizer S-YXG will be packed in together with the PC version of Final Fantasy 7.

This comes as as important news, as the PC version of FF7  is XG compatible in music. It is not clear if the soft synth is the full product or a limited version.



-Done on 5/10/98-

Fatal Fury Fan Collection canceled for sale but not Killed Off
Angel Geese Howard
The scheduled Fan collection of Fatal Fury has been called off from sale for the Sega Saturn and Playstation. However it has not been killed off and will be included for free limited to the first shipment of Fatal Fury- Dominated Mind for the Playstation.
Included in the fan collection is a database game of characters from Fatal Fury (including what seems to be Geese's secretaries Ripper and Hopper at the lower right hand corner) where the player acts as a news reporter, an illustration gallery, a costume play gallery, opening movie clips of all 6 Fatal fury series and a demo of Duck King dancing on the tune of the BGM.

Copyright SNK Co., 1998




-Done on 5/10/98-

New 3D Fighting Game Editor Debuts, Skullomaina makes Cameo

Ascii co relevealed their new game 3D Kakutou Game Tsukuul  where the player can create an original 3D fighting game. In addition to default modeling figures, Skullomaina from Street Fighter EX can be chosen to use as the player wishes.

Copyright Ascii Co. 1998


-Done on 5/5/98-

RBS for the gameboy dipswitch, KoF97 PSX news, Last Blade news

In Real Bout Special for the Homve version, there is a dip switch accessible by pressing Left + A in the sound test screen.  If the left zero on the dip is changed, Krauser and Iori will be useable. If the 4th from the right is changed, extra POW will be added. If the 3rd from the right is changed, DMs can be done with select + A or B except in versus mode.

In KOF97' for the Playstation, it has been confirmed that an extra "color" illustration gallery will be added in as well as a music play mode.

In Last Blade for the NeoGeo CD, it has been confiremed that the Demo gallery and Illustrations gallery can be seen without finishing game modes by going to the options menu, holding the cursor over "Demo Viewer" and inputing C x 6  B x 3  C x 4 within 3 seconds.


-Done on 5/5/98-

Secret Characters in Fighting Vipers 2 Revealed

Sega  has announced the codes to use two of their hidden characters in Fighting Vipers 2, DelSol and Kuhn.

To use DelSol   the Sunny Mexican Wrestler

At the character select screen-
#1- On a machine working under 250 hours- hold start and  tap the cursor upwards out of the screen while the clock is within 18 seconds.
#2- On a machine working over 250 hours- just move the cursor out of the screen.

To use Kuhn
On a machine working over 500 hours, move the cursor out of the character select screen.


-Done on 4/29/98-
Secret Characters in Star Gladiator Revealed

Capcom has announced the code to use two of their hidden characters in Star Gladiators, Kaede and Rai-On.

To use Kaede
In the character select screen, put the cursor on Rain and move it Down x 2, Left x 2, Up

To use Rai-on
In the character select screen, put the cursor on Byakko and move it Up, Down, Left x 2, Right, left, Up

-Done on 4/29/98-
Chrysler Building revealed in Parasite Eve

It has been revealed that the Chrysler building which exists in the real New York also exists in Parasite Eve -and it is 77 stories of enemies after enemies. It has been said that a second ending to the game can bee seen once the final level of the building has been reached.

To enter the Chrysler building, the game must be finished once.

-Done on 4/29/98-
Code For Orochi in Saturn KOF97' Revealed

Thanks to ChaRles!, the code to use Orochi in the Sega Saturn version of KOF97' has been revealed. Unfortunately he can only be used it the practice mode.

In the character select screen of the practice mode, do the code for Orochi Iori   [  (Left, Right) x 3 + XA  ] Orochi Leona [  (Up, Down) x 3 + YB  ] and the three head Orochis [  (Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down + XB)  ].   Then hold on LYZBR over any character and the Orochi will appear.

Also a special thanks to Darklancer who had informed the Madman's Cafe about the code.



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