Square releases official FFX section in PlayOnline, Music sample in BGM       - 1.17.01


Square has opened their Final Fantasy X section in Play Online.
While no information within the site can be considered highly new, the first music samples can be listened to in the background of the introduction movie.

Please note, Only the Japanese site of Playonline currently holds this section.

Note: Wait a moment at the logo.

Play Online- Final Fantasy X section, has two options of viewing: Flash and HTML version.
To listen to the music sample, select the Flash version. (note: Flash player essential)

Additional character information

00-7-8.jpg 00-7-8.jpg

While Final Fantasy X's main character's name is pronounced "Tea-da" in Japanese, it is written "Tidus" in English. In addition, Yuna is now known to have a father named Blaska, known to be a famous Summoner.

Introduction translations

The following is a full translation to the introduction movie sequence.
(Translation released by the Madman's Cafe. Not official Square distribution.)


00-7-8.jpg 00-7-8.jpg

The introduction directs Yuna to saying the quotes "I will defeat Shin..", and likewise, Tidus to be saying "Poor thing, to have such a famous parent..", pointing to Yuna, who has the same potential as a summoner to her father.

Final Fantasy X is scheduled for release in 2001 spring, price yet unknown.
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