Square releases details on Final Fantasy X      - 1.15.01


Square has released details to their upcoming Playstation2 RPG, Final Fantasy X. The release has come from the popular weekly Jump magazine, well known for their mangas DragonBall, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Rurouni Kenshin, and many other series.

The latest weekly Jump featured a fold-in page dedicated to Final Fantasy X. Details were given short but precisely. The following are translations brought from the fold-in.

Game Details

The world
In Final Fantasy X, the story takes place in a world of blue skys and blue seas.

Dramatic casting of Voices
In Final Fantasy X, characters will actually talk in voices, "just like in movies".

Facial Emotions
Emotions are richly expressed with the use of Facial Emotions.
Depending on the scene, the faces of the main characters will dramatically change, bringing more realistic features to the game.

Active Field System
The field changes to the best views depending on the character's movements with the Active Field system,
as all the field map is drawn in 3D.

Summon Magic
Summon magics are a tradition to the Final Fantasy series.
In Final Fantasy X, summon magics seem to have a very important role, and may be the key to the storyline.


The main characters of this storyline will be the following two characters.

A hot-blooded 17 year old boy who is always vigurous. Tida is strong-spirited and jocular, but an excellent player at "Blitz ball", a water fighting sport that uses a ball.

A mature 17 year old girl, whose father Blasca is a famous summoner. Likewise to her blood, Yuna also has the same high potential as a Summoner.

Translated scene quotes

People who go close to "Shin" goes coo-coo.
So you just probably saw something like a weird dream.

I will defeat "Shin". I swear to defeat "Shin".

...Poor thing, to have a famous parent.

I finally understand, that this is a reality that can't be escaped.

Yuna: Um, can I ask you to protect me?

It begun from "Shin"
So by meeting "Shin" again...

Summoners are... those who protect us, the Ebons, with the power of God.

For the full fold-in image, click here.
Final Fantasy X is scheduled for release in 2001 spring, price yet unknown.

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