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"Espgaluda 2 - what the heck?" , posted Sat 3 Apr 18:14post reply

Finally got E2 Black Label for Xbox360.
I enjoy it for the scoring system and the danmaku patterns (even not as MHS Futari, more inspired in design and setting) but I didn't understand ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about story/setting and characters.

Who are they? Angels or esper people (like in Shikigami No Shiro)? What's the plot behind that war? They all use magic or sort of but enemies are only mecha beings or machines except the majority of bosses...why?
And most important of all: THEY CHANGE GENDER!!!!! What is this? They are two side of one soul in a single body (yin/yang principle like Ikaruga)? Or they are angels/supernatural entities so "bisexual" or "sexless"?
And what's the "galuda" thing? I know "garuda" is a mythological beast from Native American traditions, sort of bird controlling storms of thunders if I recall correctly. Any relevance to the game?

you know anything about?