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"Hyper Dimension Fortress Macross" , posted Sat 2 Jun 08:54post reply

Well, I grew up with the whole macross universe, and right now I noticed theres a PS2 game developed in 2003 by Sega's AM2 called Hyper Dimension Fortress Macross. I tried NCSX but its sold out.
My question is: Which are the best places to get Imports? I miss link sang...

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"Re(1):Hyper Dimension Fortress Macross" , posted Sat 2 Jun 08:58post reply

Play Asia for new stuff and maybe old stuff that didn't sell out. NCSX is good, too. But Mail Order Japan is THE place I can think of for special requests/random stuff like you might like. Their guy Azuma is good at scouring the land for random (if pricey) stuff.