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Satoshi Miwa
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"Gainax vs 2ch - Otaku Wars" , posted Wed 25 Apr 11:44post reply

zOMG, Otaku fighting on Japanese message boards. The Horrors - (Stolen from Zepy...You can even see the URL).

See, this is why I find the modern day company Gainax more entertaining than the shows they actually make. I'm just waiting for Anno to pop off now, or for them to release some uber Otaku Rei model to calm things over. Or both!


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"Re(1):Gainax vs 2ch - Otaku Wars" , posted Wed 25 Apr 11:59post reply

Ghahaha, hilarious. I always wondered how much obsessive animation fans' support is important to each show...yeah, Gainax is sort of self-identified as some 'otaku company' as I recall. Do the maniacs who buy the overpriced DVD sets etc. contribute major money to the industry? Or maybe it's the same guys that let so much trash get produced? I'd love to see a book on animation economics and the different viewing strata.