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"Grim Grimoire and Lujei Piche" , posted Sun 26 Nov 02:10post reply

Just crossposting some translations of the Grim Grimoire official website, taken from my site, including Lujei Piche's profile. Maybe somebody here is interested, I don't know.

Lillet Blaw's chest filled with pride and excitement. She had recieved an invitation to an elite magical academy that only the brightest young wizards can attend. The headmaster was the legendary wizard Ganmel Drask, who had defeated even a dark lord. The school was in the "Silver Star Tower", in the castle of that destroyed dark lord. The tower was filled with undiscovered mystery and danger, and strange and secretive people. Lillet had just touched the Grimoire, the magic book that marks the beginning of the journey to being a wizard, when the tower was struck with disaster, all inside were killed. As the five days before the incident repeat, can Lillet discover the truth? Can she bring an end to those nightmarish five days?

Lillet Blaw "I need to work hard too, for the sake of my brothers, I must return home a great wizard..."
Lillet is a serious and hardworking girl. Her magical talent discovered, she is incited to the Silver Star Tower. She comes from a poor family, and for the sake of her younger brothers, she wishes to come home a great wizard. Forced into trials she couldn't even imagine, she discovers a motivation and decisiveness that she didn't know she had, and faces the mysteries of the tower.

Batido Ballantine "Sorry, rather than the Grimoire, THIS is what I'm good at!"
An older student, and a student of alchemy. He has a disagreeable personality with a secret behind it. He prefers fistfights to magic, and makes use of golems and chimeras to attack.

Gammel Drask "We'll have to have the lecture later, I'm in a hurry"
The headmaster of the magic academy. He defeated a dark lord, and sealed away his minions, he is a living legend for wizards. He made a magical academy in the Silver Star Tower, located in the castle of the dark lord, and invites only the brightest young people from all over the land to inherit his magical techniques.

Lujei Piche
One of the three wizards who have created the philosopher's stone. The king feared her for her greedy and bad tempered personality, and ordered her disciple to betray and murder her. Whether by attachment to the stone, or to the world, she becomes a ghostly vision of her former self, and after killing her student and retrieving her staff, she begins to terrorize the world. "Meooooow! I found a big mouse. You'll be joining me soon. You didn't listen to your schoolmaster, did you? Such a bad boy..."

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