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"Japanese music question" , posted Sun 5 Nov 03:24post reply

Is there an itunes/napster type site where you can download japanese music?

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"Re(1):Japanese music question" , posted Sun 5 Nov 06:37post reply

itunes exists in japan. through some trickery, you can get it working, I think.

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"Re(1):Japanese music question" , posted Mon 6 Nov 12:00post reply

Is there an itunes/napster type site where you can download japanese music?

You can get itunes to work if you have a japanese credit card.. or through Jlist.com you can get a japanese itunes gift certificate and order that way, but It wont be associated with your normal itunes account. Japanese songs on itunes range from 99 cents USD up to $2.00+ USD per song (depending on the artist)

An alternative to itunes is japanfiles.com
Their songs are all 99 cents USD, and DRM free so you can do whatever you want with them after you download them. However their bandlist is all indie music with some relative unknown established artists. They are heavy on the indie rock, and metal side, but they have been trying to sign more vocalists, hiphop acts, and techno people lately. They did a decent deal with Benten about 6 months ago and got a lot of their girl punk bands to sign.. so check it out if you like that kinda stuff.

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