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"Leipzig game music concert video" , posted Tue 5 Sep 05:35post reply

Czech link

You have some Sonic the Hadgehog (the green, nocturne stage from the first one), Dreamfall, Gothic 3, The Revenge of Shinobi, The Legend of Zelda and SOTN's library, this last one played by Michiru Yamane herself.
So if you're interested, go ahead ( u_u)/

Aaand... a couple of mirrors:

Concert, until Zelda

Zelda & SOTN

Thx to LoneChild from The Castlevania forums for this.

Ling Yao. The king indeed.

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"Re(1):Leipzig game music concert video" , posted Tue 5 Sep 06:34post reply

What a coincidence, I also downloaded all that stuff today. It's awesome, too bad we're not getting the whole thing!