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"PSP Lite?" , posted Mon 21 Aug 15:29post reply

8GB built in flash memory and reducing manufacturing costs. Dunno if that is possible.

PSP should've had a hard drive from the beginning...


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"Re(1):PSP Lite?" , posted Tue 22 Aug 17:45post reply

i'd say all those features sound like good possibilities!

especially the no UMD part and the 8MB flash drive part! man, that'd be nice!

and a fixed square button, too, naturally, and a better refresh rate on the screen.

not that i would know anything about this sort of thing!!

definitely not too soon for an update, either. people satisfied with the PSP's terrible design flaws are just too easily pleased. they'll be all FLOORED and WOW when the new one is introduced. buncha dumbos.

also, all the games for PSP are just PSOne ports anyway. and since they're making those downloadable and memory-stickable . . . well. goodbye to UMDs!!

also, there's the PS3. you'll be able to download videos and music with it. and then send them to your PSP wirelessly. OBBBBBVIOUSLY the new PSP would be totally into this.

so yeah.

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"Re(2):PSP Lite?" , posted Thu 24 Aug 03:26post reply

Sony is not going to give up UMDs because of piracy. You think it's easy to rip games now, just wait till you can just simply load them up on a memory stick. And UMDs load slowly but still allow more flexiblity regarding multimedia assets. It's a tough tradeoff, but many games (new ones especially) have much faster loading times than before. Maybe if you could cache data on your Memory stick ? (If you could install games like a PC but still need the UMD to play, maybe that could make everyone happy).

I agree that the PSP isn't perfect, but I'm trying to figure out how they could make it better and still keep the huge screen. it's bascially impossible to make a clamshell design, and other than fixing the buttons (my R button sucks), I don't know how they'd make another analog stick (hell, I HATE the current one).

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"Re(3):PSP Lite?" , posted Mon 4 Sep 07:50post reply

I hate the D-Pad and the Analog stick for the PSP - I recently bought one while in the US for a holiday, and Fighters are barely playable.

As for the size - I think that it is as small as it can be.


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