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"Kurayami: new game by Grasshopper for PS3" , posted Sun 23 Apr 12:39:post reply

Jeux-France source.

So all we know about it are that it's for PS3, it's just gotten started, and that it's inspired by the writings of Kafka.

There are some concept arts.

Honestly, there's not that much to discuss right now. But I felt like posting it.

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"Re(1):Kurayami: new game by Grasshopper for P" , posted Tue 25 Apr 22:10post reply

It will be interesting to see how the game progresses from these initial ideas into whatever the final product turns out to be. I'm usually a little leery when game producers start tossing around names of authors and various types of philosophical thought since those ideas rarely seem to make it into the finished product. With Grasshopper, however, the game at least has a good chance of being out of the ordinary no matter what it's origin.

Speaking of Grasshopper, has there been any word on the Revolution game they are making?