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"Positive VG articles in the mainstream media" , posted Mon 6 Mar 06:53post reply

There's normally a furor when video games get negative press in the mainstream media, right? So let's recognize when there are positive articles from the mainstream. And sure, there are commentary articles those of like Chris Morris, which CNN Money hosts -- but how about those types of sources which are normally known more for dealing out negative yellow journalism?

From Slashdot Games comes a link to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about video games and current families, centering around the fact that many of the first video game generation are now parents.

Philadelphia Inquirer >> Passing the joystick to a new generation

The article mentions a lot of things we already know or have figured -- but the point more is the source and, resultedly, the intended audience.

The article is quite positive all around. Even the quote toward the end, from the National Institute of Media and the Family, is very reasonable -- something we'd agree with.



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"Re(1):Positive VG articles in the mainstream " , posted Wed 8 Mar 03:40post reply

It's nice to see that not only are the parents playing games with their children but are willing to play today's games and aren't just kvetching that the stuff put out nowadays isn't as good as the 2D they had back in the day. These are truly positive role models!