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"Your RPG dream team." , posted Sat 21 Jan 07:55post reply

If you could make a team of 8 characters from all the RPG's you've played, what would it be?

Let me start:

Kratos (ToS): Sword and magic user, with great design, good personality, and kickass voice (the english one, at least). The stereotyped "cool guy", but I don't care at all. The leader of the group.

Zidane (FFIX): The best main character a FF has had. I like the design and the fact that his job is a thief, but the selling point is his personality: A good person, funny but not a goof, and definitely better than other antisocial and depressing FF main characters. The thief of the group.

Magus (CT): The "ex-bad guy with a complex past" guy. One solid Toriyama design, coupled with a great weapon (A Scyte!) and great magic, plus a magnific theme. The first pure magic user of the group.

Agrias (FFT): My favourite FFT character, despite being one of the first ones that get affected by the "when I join the team I dissapear from the storyline" virus. A loyal, honorable female knight with a deadly skill set, but not godly cheap like Orlandu's. Since I don't have any pure healer, I'll give her whithe magic as a secondary skillset, which also fits her "protector" role. The paladin of the group.

Freya (FFIX): The second FFIX character, because FFIX is so great. Freya has a great design (although the CG illustrations are horrid), a melancholic personality that fits her so good, and uses lances, which makes anyone great just by that alone. The dragoon of the group

Drachma (SoA): Not your typical "old man" character, Drachma is full of energy and determination. I don't know if his personality is that good or if I only like him because it is exactly my grandfhather's. Anyway, a great character, definitely the best one on the 3 non permanent ones in SoA. The physical powerhouse of the group.

Arche (ToP): When you think of a withch, you picture a woman in a flying broom, and that's what she is... Except that she's an hyperactive young half elf with no seriousness at all. She follows quite well the "hyperactive girl" anime stereotype (after all, stereotypes are the Tales saga speciality), and since I love hyperactive female mages, she couldn't be out of the team. The second pure magic user of the group.

Maria (SO3): And finally Maria, the young and determined leader of the Quark organization. She has a sober but elegant design, blue hair (very important), and uses guns with style (style is important). Her personality is well defined and done, and fits her design. The long range attacker of the group.

The only drawback of my team is the lack of a pure healer, but Kratos and Agrias can take care of that. Excepting that, they are a very complete team with tanks, mages, and even a thief.

I'll make an honorific mention to other characters that also deserved a spot, but didn't past the final cut: Klarth (ToP), Lulu (FFX), Quistis (FFVIII), Frog (CT), Faris (FFV), Edgar (FFVI), and many more that I don't remember right now.
I could have included Link in the team, but I think he fits more in the role of a solitary adventurer, so I excluded him.

Well, that's all. Post your teams, and if possible, give some reasons to justify your choices.


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"Re(1):Your RPG dream team." , posted Sat 21 Jan 23:26post reply

I'll bite.

Quistis (FF8) Sure she became unimportant to the plot past disc 1, but for that one disc she was damn cool and I found her intriguing. I think she has the potential to be far more interesting than she could have been in FF8. She's fucking hot as well.

I feel like mixing the cast up nu-Battlestar Galactica style, so... Main character, part fighter/blue mage

Vyse (SoA) Possibly the most interesting JRPG protagonist I've seen so far. He's happy for one; that helps. The main fighter

Regal (ToS) One of the more interesting 'guy with tortured past' characters I've seen in a JRPG. The other fighter, could be a cleric

Savyna (BK) The only character in the game I liked the whole way through. I thought she was kinda cool. The other, other fighter, could be a thief

Aika (SoA) Possibly the most interesting JRPG protagonist's foil I've seen so far. She makes Vyse more entertaining and is pretty cool on her own. Part long-range/mage

Magus (CT) What Time Mage said. The main pure magic user

Lulu (FFX) Tits. As a character, Lulu was quite interesting, but she's in here because she has great tits. The other pure magic user

Wil (FE7) Possibly the most interesting womanising RPG character I've seen so far. He's just makes me laugh. The pure long-range guy

Tiamat/Titania (FE9) I like her a lot. I thought her back story was interesting and she was a really good, level-headed character. Her being mega-powerful in the early missions made me like her more. The tank

Seifer (FF8) I thought he was a really good antagonist, and he could be interesting as a foil to the main character. As an ex-boyfriend or something. Hidden party member, fighter

Fujin (FF8) I like her. Buggered if I know why. Must be the speech. Hidden party member, long-range

No pure healer because I couldn't really think of one I truly liked. Rhys in FE9 came close.


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"Re(1):Your RPG dream team." , posted Sun 22 Jan 11:44:post reply

Remedi Randell (FFTA): (well, she isn't normally playable, but you can use her with a Gameshark), because she's, well, the best character Squenix made lately... She's a queen, so obvioulsy she has leadership qualities. And she does knows how to fight. the leader

Pepper Box (Evolution 1-2-Worlds): cute, alcoholic, fun, sexy character from a forgotten game series. Voiced by Kikuko Inoue, which makes anybody 10 times cooler. the gunner

Setzer Gabianni (duh): amoral character, without any really redeeming factor. He likes women, gambling, and flying. His in-game skills suck, yes... but he's cool. Just ignore his KH2 design. the airship owner

Mint (Dewprism/Threads of Fate): spoiled, self centered, irritable, violent girl wanting to conquer the world... how can you go wrong with that? the loli

More later.

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"Re(1):Your RPG dream team." , posted Sun 22 Jan 13:01post reply

Well Since i'm not a big rpg player with a small collection of rpgs, I guess I'll play a little on more of the fun fun side since this is a dream team essentially rather than a serious team.

Cloud Strife (ff7/AC): As Much as I personally hate on the inside on the bad rep this guy gets from being called emo to angsty to just plain out "ugh", you guys gotta admit he can carry himself pretty through. As an offensive swordman his limit breaks effect usually a whole group mostly and translate to one person which is why I personally like him. Ugh I feel a shiver when I say that.

Female class white mage (FFT): I could of said Aeris but no I won't. Its simple it's basic and it works.

Leon D. S. Geeste (SO2): When I first played Star Ocean 2 with this guy in my party I though inheritantly, he is a bastard, and I like him! Powerful magical spells and is one annoying brat.

Celine Jules(S02): Just like leon with these two together they got some strong magic going for each other, and shes there for eye purposes.

Lenneth(SO3 optional boss): *coughs* nibelung velesti

Freya (SO3):

Tifa Lockheart (FF7): I needed someone with a little bounce to their jab. So sue me.

Locke (FF6): I need a good treasure hunter

All in all, weak on the protective end, stupidly ridiculous on the offensive end then again I really wasn't taking this seriously but it is a dream team so I'm having fun with it.

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"Re(2):Your RPG dream team." , posted Sun 22 Jan 23:03post reply

I love this kind of topics but, since Im a Suikoden guy, my rpg dream-team would have 108 members on it... So Ill only recall a few, and the rest of the cast would be filled with random FFVI and Suiko series characters.

Zellos (Tales of Symphonia): he could be my ideal Tenkai Star (aka the main character). Hes a swordsman, is competent with magic and if hes in the party, you wont need to visit item shops any more. Plus, hes a narcissist beyond redemption, hits everything wearing skirt and has some memorable quotes. Exploring villages with him is fun as hell. Not to mention hes a design by Fujishima sensei.

Chris Lightfellow (Suikoden 3): a female knight should be a must in every rpg. And Chris has no match under the sky. Silver hair adds a +25 of coolness.

Viktor (Suikoden 2&1): he may seem no more than a scary drunkard, but this guy totally rocks. Its a skilled warrior, has personality, is full of tricks and has witnessed his share of battles. Hes like a life-assurance. Id definitely want him in my army.

Flik (Suikoden 2&1): hes allways hanging around with Viktor, so he should be in as well. Hes a war veteran, a competent magician and knows how to wield a sword. Thats about enough for me to recruit him.

Sheena Fujibayashi (Tales of Symphonia): shes hot. Shes adorable. Shes designed by Fujishima sensei. Whats not to love about her? On top of that, no rpg is complete without a demon hunting kunoichi.

Setzer (FFVI): he could be Zellos' nemesis in the party when chicks are around. Hes cool, he has style and hes a bon-vivant. Plus, his fighting abilities are somewhat original. Thats exactly the type of character I like most.

Jeane (Suikoden saga): because shes Jeane

Viki (Suikoden saga): because shes Viki

Juan (Suikoden 3): one of the most useful rpg characters ever. Not only hes a hard hitter and a top-class fighter who does triple attacks with critical damage almost every turn; if hes in your party, the fighting ability of the entire group raises about 25%, and you can level up your skills any time. On top of that, he has a funny personality. Juan=instant win.

Loli-Lenneth (Star Ocean 3): she has all the goodness of the original Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, plus the moe factor, wich adds a good +250 to her coolness.

Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile): we need a magician, so here it is the wicked version of Harry Potter. A four eyed lolita lover sorcerer is the perfect complement for my party.

Valeria (Suikoden 1&2): Lets add another swordswoman to the group. One never has enough female knights, you know. And Valeria is one of my favourite rpg characters ever.

Kika (Suikoden 4): we need some pirate girls as well. And Lady Kika just rocks my world with his tattoed hips. She could do a unite attack with Valeria, since they share the same sword rune.

Nash Latjke (Suikoden 3 & Suikogaiden): with so many cuties around, Nash would have a great time in my army. He would be a great addition to it as well, since hes a skilled spy, knows the ways of the world and manages himself quite well in combat. He and Viktor would be the main attraction in castles tavern.

Lulu (FFX): because we need to feed the doujinshi writers

Hrist (Valkyrie Profile): Lenneth eventually dies in an epic cutscene, far into the game (Aerith, anyone? Come on, a good rpg plot needs some melodramatic twists!), and Hrist comes to fill her shoes.

Georg Prime (Suikoden 5): we need a pure swordsman, and Georg is, storyline-wise, the best swordsman in Suiko world. Plus, his style is battjutsu, the coolest fencing technic ever, wich also adds a samurai feeling much needed in any dream rpg worth of that name.

Ayame (Suikoden 3): an army needs as many hot kunoichis as possible.

Tir MacDohl (Suikoden 1&2): he and his ber-powerful true rune would make a cameo, just for the heck of it.

And now, on with the rest of the crew:

Damsel in distress: obviously, princess Zelda.

Annoying (but funny, nevertheless) secondary boss wich harrasses you many times thoughout the game, like Ultros or the Turks: Calamity Jane (Wild Arms), because her silly music theme rocked SO HARD.

Cute mascot wich dies heros death: Hamlet (Illusion of Gaia), if only because hes the only rpg mascot wich I dont seem to hate.

Random nice guy who gives you the best powers/technics/items/etc: Faerie (drag) queens from Ocarina of Time, because they were so lovable and had that disturbingly scratchy laughter.

Misterious (and pretty cool) character that appears from time to time to lend you a hand when you really need it, but doesnt join your party till the very end (being the most powerful character of the game): Taki (NamcoxCapcom). Why? Because SHE IS TAKI. Period.

Item shop owner: Chole (FFVII), that entity of unknown sex at the Chocobo farm. He/she/it and his/her/its harsh answers were an icon of my late adolescence.

And last, but not least, the bad guy: Sephiroth (FFVII). I hate to admit it, but I really love this guy. I mean, hes the perfect villain: hes an emo, has an overwhelming Oedipus comlex, dresses like a drag queen, wields an unreasonabily long tachi, loathes mankind, impales just for fun those very same giant monsters that use to wipe out your entire party, laughs at the face of the hero many times... god, he even KILLS the friggin' main female character on the story! Waaaay mean. But, apart from his memorable misanthropic quotes, his best feature is the fact that he was actually a nice guy and all, but he went nuts after reading a freaking book, just like Don Quixote. Holy cow, thats just brilliant. A callous brute indeed, but a brute that you will learn to love :3

And thats about it. I see a disturbing lack of thieves and white mages/healers in my party but, heck, I really hate those character cathegories.

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"Re(1):Your RPG dream team." , posted Wed 1 Feb 20:21:post reply

8 characters? Man. That's hard.

Locke - "Final Fantasy VI"

One of the first things you need is a speed guy and Locke is just that. Granted, he can't give you real powerful blows, but he'll give you quick hits never the less. Plus, you need someone who can steal with ease.

Cloud - "FF VII"

You don't have a team if you don't have a sword user. Plus, I need a polar opposite of Locke. So, Cloud fits the role here.

Chester - "Tales of Phantasia"

I'll need a distance game and because I like bows and arrows, he's perfect here.

Magus - "Chrono Trigger"

He's a slick magical boss himself! What more do you need?

Celes - "FF VI"

If Magus can't be there to defeat enemies with magic, I have her also. I forgot about the fact that she can nullify magic spells. (I was real sleepy to forget that fact.) Plus, if I have her with Locke, that means very good teamwork.

Tifa - "FF VII"

Like Celes, with Cloud, that means very good teamwork. Plus, she can give you a quick and hard punch.

Riesz - "Seiken Densetsu III"

Power, speed, support spells, you'll need her for those long runs!

Nicole - "Guardian Heroes"

I don't have a specialized healer...until now. (Celes and Tifa can be healers too, but you know Celes for her magical destruction and Tifa for her physical destruction.) Surpried about my choice? She's terrific because not only can she heal, but she has barriers to help you as well.

There you have it! My eight character team! Hee!


It's very balanced in terms of what kind of people I need. I have some healers, some magic users, a thief and I have fighters that don't need magic to defeat enemies. Oh and I have lots of speed.


The lack of physical defense will kill me. Locke, Chester and Nicole will especially give me nightmares of that issue and Riesz will give me magical defense fits as well. I could have improved on physical offense as well, but I should be fine here.

Edit: see Celes's notes.

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"Re(2):Your RPG dream team." , posted Wed 1 Feb 20:27post reply

8 characters? Man. That's hard.

Well, it's your standard party number in most rpg's.

And... Wheeee! The topic is not dead yet! (Thanks Bata Kun ^^)

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"Re(2):Your RPG dream team." , posted Wed 1 Feb 23:03post reply

> I'll bite.

Hey! Stop stealing my lines! ^_^

Fei (Xenogears): Because any team of mine needs to be powerful, and Fei is one of the most powerful RPG protagonists ever. He's a bare-handed fighter with enormously strong attacks, plus some personal magic buffs and healing, so he's incredibly balanced and self-sufficient.

Locke (Final Fantasy VI): Primarily because he's my favourite FF character, but he's also got speed and stealing ability. He also has the ability to equip heavy weapons and armour, so he can unleash hell if he has too. In his own game he can cast magic so-so, here I haven't thought about it.

Celes (Final Fantasy VII): Cause you can't separate Locke and Celes, and she's my favouite female FF character. But moreover, Celes is very powerful as well. She's a powerful sword user and a powerful mage. She can also use heavy equipment. She has no weaknesses.

Maria (Star Ocean 3): She's got powerful long-range non-magic damage capability. But she also naturally has some buffing spells and healing. A balanced character.

Wakka (Final Fantasy X): Another long-range attacker. His weapon may be utterly ridiculous, but for some reason he hits really goddamn hard most of the game, not to mention Attack Reels limit break = massive damage. He's also incredibly fast, and he gets status-inflicting abilities that work 100% of the time unless the enemy is totally immune.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X): A strong healer/summoner. Saves the party and can inflict unspeakable damage if necessary. She's not as weak relatively as other summoners like Rydia or Garnet.

Argrim (Valkirie Profile): Cause I need a pure damage dealer, who can equip really strong weapons and armour, has a ton of HP, and can just soak up damage. No spells, just pure strength. Plus, he wields an enormous sword, which I'm a sucker for. I gotta go with this guy.

Lezard (Valkyrie Profile): He's an extraordinarily powerful mage, and he's a hilariously smug bastard.

S0 there yah go. You have Arhgrim and Fei smashing things on the frontline, you have Maria and Wakka pounding on things from afar. YOu get Lezard blasting anything that moves with strong magic, Yuna either supports Lezard with Summons, or helps to buff the party and heals whatever damage has been inflicted. Locke is there to steal shit and add some offensive power if needed. Celes is your jack of all trades, being able to either fight on the frontlines, blast away from afar, or help Yuna out with healing/support. Maria can also add more healing/support if necssary, and even Fei can lend a healing hand if things get desparate. Everyone's ass is covered by at least one other character. You can't ask for a more complete team than that.

HOnrourable mentions:

Citan (Xenogears): I love Citan. I really do. But he's way too good. I have to give the enemies some chance, don't I?

Terra/Edgar (Final Fantas VI): She's a more powerful version of Celes. But I dun like her, so I didn't include her. Edgar is really powerful as well, with his versatile Tools to make up for so-so magic, but again, he's not one of my favourites, so Celes gets this spot.

Gilder (Skies of Arcadia): Because Gilder is so damn awesome. Gilder >>> the rest of SoA (which isn't a knock on SoA's cast, cause they're pretty good! But Gilder trumps them all). However, for all his coolness, he isn't that special in battle. He's a non-magical long-range attacker, but I can't put him in over better/more versatile characters like Maria or Wakka.

Tidus: I like Tidus, dammit. He's pretty powerful in his own game (at the beginning and at the end mainly), and I don't like to split up couples, but there are more powerful heroes to use, plus non-crybaby ones.

Squall/Cloud (Final Fantasy VIII/VII): They're interchangeable as far as I'm concerned, so I was conidering one or the other. Each has strengths and weaknesses. I was considering using one of these as a pure physical damage dealer, since they're both really good at that, but since I'm not that fond of either one (I prefer Squall to Cloud though), I decided against including them.

Lawfer/Brahms/Freya (Valkirie Profile): Lawfer is actually a much better damage dealer than Argrim during the main game, Brahms is way more powerful, and Freya kills things just by glancing in their general direction. But I like Argrim better, and I wasn't looking for a strictly overpowered team, so nyah.

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"Re(3):Your RPG dream team." , posted Thu 2 Feb 00:18post reply

Well, it's your standard party number in most rpg's.

Yes, yes, that's true. Then again, you have 14 in "FF VI".