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Blood+ 1~13: Well, it certainly has more blood. The story has a slooooow and boring buildup, but later gets more interesting as more "vampiric" characters appear, and the story becomes some sort of Resident Evil - The Animation. The season finale was strong, yet it had some budget issues (some lesser fights got better animation than the season finale "boss"). A quite decent show, that should go way faster.

Karas 1~3: Tatsunoko at its best. They redefined the henshin animes with SoulTaker, and their new take on the genre is way more flashy, and as experimental as SoulTaker. Mixing 2d and 3d animation in a way that would make Production IG blush, every new scene will take your breath away. The series is also going at a very fast pacing, slowly filling the story gaps that appear at first. The modern designs, high production values, and excellent art direction make it a worth watching action filled series.