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"Remember that rumor of a new Ikari game..." , posted Sat 14 Jan 05:56post reply

Well it's surfaced again, now as a title in development for the Nintendo Revolution. A guy on Nintendo's official board seems to have spilled the beans over some details shared with a Nintendo rep.

Yeah I'd take this with a grain of salt. There's a whole ton of other stuff here too like Downloading games, the remade titles, and a hint of the other controller addons.

Today has been a great day and I got some cool inside information on the Revolution. I went to GameCrazy today since my buddy manages the store in La Puenta California and told me to get my butt over because the Nintendo Rep was coming in this morning. I live in Las Vegas but I'm in California visiting friends and family, I'm staying at my buddys house and luckily he's very close to GameCrazy.

So I arrive at GameCrazy very excited because I knew this Nintendo Rep last time I was out here so he already knew my face. As soon as I walk in he's already talking about the Revolution to the exployees at GameCrazy and when I walked in he was on the Revolution Launch Subject. Mostly what he was saying was already out on the internet but he did mention a few games that I have yet to see on the net he was a true source in deed. For those who flame and call me a liar go ahead and leave this thread I'm not going to make crap up like most people do on these message boards, so if your going to flame don't bother reading go ahead and ridicule somebody else, all others your welcome..

The Nintendo Rep was talking about the secret project game Super Smash Brothers 3, most of us already know it is in the making and is being developed as I speak and you read. He talked about SSB3 Online features which was cool because he was explaining if people don't have SSB3 you could connect to the WiFi Internet and if your buddys are on you can download SSB3 and play the game with them online either against the computer or against eachother with 4 players at once. But I already knew this but this is just the beggining of what he was saying. He was also talking about when the Revolution launches that it will have a decent launch of games. Zelda of course was one of them, Metroid Prime 3 which he said should be ready for launch, Mario Revolution which should be ready, Pikmin 3 which is almost done, and some other games that I have never heard of. The cool thing about it all was he was saying they are developing a classic Nes game which most of us have not heard the name in years, Ikari Warriors. Ikari Warriors is in development and he said things are going smoothly, hopefully this game turns out great since it died shortly after the Nes days.

Now about the downloadable Nes, Snes, and N64 games for Revolution. He was very lip tight about it but told us some cool features. He said the WiFi internet is FREE but the only time your paying is for the downloadable games but we already knew that, so whats new? Well he was explaining that each game for the Nes was going to be 5 dollars exact but here is the awsome part. He talked about all the Popular Nes games not all Nes games but the Nes titles that were hits were going to be upgradeable. The rep was saying if you wanted to play the classic Zelda game for Nes, you can pay 20dollars for the upgraded version which has better graphics and sound, this I have never heard of on the net this was getting interesting. So I asked him, " So what are some of the games for the Nes that will be upgraded? " The rep told me, Contra, Zelda of course, Mario Brothers, Duckhunt, RC Pro Am, Mike Tysons Punchout, Double Dribble, Blades of Steel, and many other popular titles, he said so far they have upgraded a nice amount of classic Nes games but not to expect all the NES games for this upgradeable feature. He also said they are working on using this feature for Snes, and N64, so get ready to see later on this year that the cool games for Snes and N64 will also have this upgradeable versions which make the game look better and sound better pretty cool in my opinion....

So then I had to bring up specs and of course he cut me off and said how we might never know about the Revolutions specs, which I already knew this and it just breezed by me. But I had to confirm if the system was going to be HD or not and he said loud and clear NO HD just 480p, basically he said it will have DVD quality, now we know DVD quality looks sharp and great but compared to PS3 1080p you will see how much crisper and cleaner and even brighter PS3 graphics will be then the Revolution but don't be disapointed many of us knew this but to keep the smile on your face the games are still going to be incredible looking. He told us he got to see the new Zelda Revolution and Mario Revolution, he said compared to 360 you could not tell the difference, he even admitted that some of the Revolution games will look close to PS3, but once some of the PS3 games that run onto a 1080p res that you will see the big difference between the beautiful graphics for PS3 but who cares about graphics, Rev will still look great and play like no other machine so now we are getting to the end.

I asked about the SHELL which now things are getting not only interesting but now confusing. He told me the Nunchuck controller is still a PROJECT, it isn't 100% for sure that they will use this controller in Revolutions final completed system before launch. So I asked, " Well show me proof," and he did just that. He showed us a picture of this controller which was ANOTHER project they were working on. The controller he showed us looked a little similar to the DreamCast controller but had a nice size screen in the middle. This screen in the middle of the controller was also like a ds very similar because the picture showed a PEN that was connected to the controller which you could hide if wanted. This feature would be perfect for some games like football games and such, but he said this was just 1 of the 3 controller projects. So he said it isn't confirmed which controller will be the official controller played on the Revolution. Makes me wonder what the 3rd project of the controller was because he kept secret about it probally what Miyamoto was talking about only time will tell May 9th will fill us in a lot stuff.

So we are at the end and I can honestly say I was satisfied even though some of the stuff he told me I already knew, but as far as development kits he said only 2 people only know the true development kits for Rev, of course Miyamoto and some other big 1st party developer, so all those 3rd party developers have not seen the final version of the Revolution kits which makes me think how beautiful the games are going to look for the Rev. The rep said in March the final development kits will be released to all 3rd party developers pretty cool because makes me wonder how much better and different it will be. He also said we will see a couple leaks exposed on the controller before May 9th, so be ready to see more info released on the controller before May 9th hope you guys enjoyed it sorry it was long...

ps. The rep said on May 9th at 9:30am, Nintendo will have a live feed on that we will be able to watch online for free. My lucky self will be able to go with my friend to E3 since he can take only one person, I'm bringing my digital camera so I can take pictures and show you guys some cool booths that will not be known untill later on, thanks for reading those who didn't you won't know heh...


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"Re(1):Remember that rumor of a new Ikari game" , posted Sat 14 Jan 12:55post reply

Zelda as a launch title sounds very fishy. I do like the idea of a new Ikari Warriors game though.


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"Re(2):Remember that rumor of a new Ikari game" , posted Sat 14 Jan 13:09post reply

Zelda as a launch title sounds very fishy. I do like the idea of a new Ikari Warriors game though.

The whole lineup he mentions sounds fishy indeed.

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"Re(1):Remember that rumor of a new Ikari game" , posted Sat 14 Jan 13:47:post reply

Yeah I'd take this with a grain of salt.

A grain?! Man, we'd need the whole rock!

1) One of my friends was able to score a position as one of the regional sales reps for Nintendo within the past couple of years. He's told me of the sweet benefits he gets -- and you all know how tight-lipped Nintendo is as regards future projects. I doubt even he's privy to such details.

Assuming a rep had access to those details, though -- with the benefits someone at Nintendo gets -- such a person would NOT want to risk losing the benefits (much less the job) just so that a few netizens can spread the word.

2) Aside from that -- Ikari Warriors. Why Ikari Warriors? Why would an assumed NST Corporation grab yet another SNK franchise instead of using an original franchise? If anything, the more logical thing would be for SNK to revitalize the series itself and introduce new gameplay concepts itself, if it were to be reborn. (And come on. Ralf and Clark. KOFXI, Metal Slug 6 -- SNK's still using 'em!)


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