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"KoF MI comic" , posted Sat 17 Dec 00:34post reply

Today I made one of my irregular visits to a comic book shop near work, and since I've been asking about and buying the SvC comic that's been translated to english, the owner pointed out to me the KoF MI comics he now had there.

I was aware that there were KoF2003 comics also being released in english, but I wasn't that interested, since I don't expect them to fit the continuity that well, especially on the long run, but the MI ones were a surprise.

The shop owner also seemed surprised when I, after some quick browsing, pointed out that the comics he showed me were number 3 and 8 (these were much thinner issues than the SvC volumes available - pretty much like most US comics, also including ads) and were meant to be read right-to-left, which made him realise that:
a) he had some of the numbers in-between at the shop, they weren't repeated after all (most of the back covers all look alike, and the front cover consist on the 3D character models for the game, one character per issue so far)
b) he sent back number 4, assuming it was repeated to to said confusion
c) he was missing the first 2 issues, so I wasn't going to buy anything unless I got it all from the beginning.

I'm in two or three minds on whether to buy the series or not... anyone out there checked it out and wants to give an opinion?

Some things I've taking into consideration:

- I have little problem buying the SvC comic since it's a crossover thing with next to no continuity issues with the exception of the "everybody died sooner or later in the story".

- it's money being spent on an SNK-derived product (even if partially, shared with Capcom), which is something I'd like to encourage, but not at any cost - ideally the re$ults of such sales could encourage a company like Udon to do some proper work on the SNK universe (I don't know if the poll at the S-C.com forums was serious, but it was certainly inspiring)

- comic series like these are unlikely to have much of a concern for the greater continuity of the games, so I'm weary to encouraging game-specific titles like this (especially after some atrocities seen in some anime and Hong Kong comics, like getting Tung and Todo killed)

- I didn't play Maximum Impact

- on the other hand, as if the Sakazaki ages, live Geese factor, KoF2000 strikers and non-aging of several characters wasn't proof enough that the KoF universe is pretty much the SNK Twilight Zone separate from AoF and FF, KoF XI now totally hammers that point home by having Athena's 11th KoF "yearly" appearance still be a schoolgirl outfit and tossing Kizuna characters which are meant to be from a relatively distant future.

- the KoF Another Day pretty much officially links the MI series with the rest of the KoF universe, so that really can't be ignored now... even if Rock was a toddler a couple of KoFs ago yet he's MotW-sized in MI... Twilight Zone, really... can't take it too seriously...

Your thoughts, people?...

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"Re(1):KoF MI comic" , posted Sat 17 Dec 06:15post reply

So how was the KoF MI comic?

Come to think of it, how are the translated KoF books selling? As for me, I checked out the first issue of SvC but decided it was a bit too pricey for pretty looking art wrapped around a story that was so stupid it made my bones ache. However, just because something wasn't for me doesn't mean it won't sell. But is there an audience for three or so different KoF books at the same time?

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"Re(2):KoF MI comic" , posted Wed 21 Dec 19:33post reply

I ended up buying the available issues...

Noteworthy(?) stuff:

- the story does consist on 8 considerably brief issues, and the actual KoF tournament involved starts only in the 2nd half of the whole series - in that tournament, we only get to see 2 fights (3 if you count the final boss battle, which involes circumstances probably impossible in the game)

- Ryo is referred to as being 45 and only depicted with his alternate older-looking MI appearance - a nice wink to the AoF continuity, although KoF XI and the fact that Another Day links the MIs to the regular KoFs seems to have thrown any attempts at that out the window.

- as in the SvC comics, there are labels in the comic panels mentioning which specials and supers are being used (although familiar characters' moves sometimes don't look or feel quite like themselves, so I don't know what most of the new MI characters' specials are meant to look like) - I can't say I like the labeling of moves int he middle of a comic much, but then again it's not like the characters are shouting the moves names (which to me seems silly most of the times)... thing is, in the MI comic they even label the evades and the game's "Stilish Combos", which adds to the odd feeling of the whole thing...

Just about everything else are qualities and flaws in common with the SvC comic, although MI seems to keep in mind it's part of a larger story/continuity it tries not to mess with - then again, I get the feeling that near the end of the comic's development the people involved found there's be a game sequel, so their hands were tied when it came to reaching closure, and they couldn't do anything with characters like Mignon in the comic, so she just ends being annoying while doing the "cute-looking-but-not-quite-harmless-or-innocent" thing.

Not quite Udon'd SF work, but considering what it had to work with it handled itself well. Considering its size it might have been better to just pack the 8 issues into a single book though.

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