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"Jesus I cant get it,,,," , posted Wed 23 Nov 05:35post reply

Dear People of MMCAFE:
I can't do it... I've tried really hard to reach an real Japannese Chat(not forum) and I just can't get it.
Can somebody be really kind to send me a link where I could connect myself to a Japannese Chat?
The other day I was thinking about how difficult is to learn Jappanese in a Chat and thats the reason why I want to enter to one.
okei people I got to continues my research bye!!!

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"Re(1):Jesus I cant get it,,,," , posted Thu 24 Nov 07:08post reply

But do you actually want to learn or do you want to chat, are you serious or are you stoned??... And if you want to learn then what level do you 'have' on japanese currently??

I'll fix up some bonuses and I'll mail them to you next week, to see if it helps you to 'learn' plus some links.

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