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"FF7AC quick question" , posted Wed 12 Oct 00:59post reply

Got to watch the movie at a friend's house, but it was full of people so it was difficult to concentrate, so I missed what was the Geostigma exactly and why was it healed by that water. Anybody can give me a quick explanation?

Oh, and Reno, Rude and the "mysterious guy on the chair" are easily the best things of the movie. Which was bad in some way, but really fun in others.


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"Re(1):FF7AC quick question" , posted Wed 12 Oct 02:58post reply

Geostigma is the culmination of side-effects an individual experiences when the spirit energy in his/her body overworks itself in fighting the infection of Jenova's "cells"

as for why the rain/water cured this syndrome

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
Aerith's healing powers manifested from the Lifestream

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the movie does little in explaining much of the story, but BOY! does it have great action scenes. the best part of the movie imo is Cid's running