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"DDR's on PS2" , posted Fri 30 Sep 06:22post reply

Howdy people,

Just curious, what version of DDR is most recommended for PS2 (U.S. system)??

I wanna buy the game, but there are so many different versions. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this topic.

what differentiates, say DDR Max (i think that's what it is), from DDR Extreme?

Many thanks!


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"Re(1):DDR's on PS2" , posted Fri 30 Sep 08:39post reply

I assume you're referring to the U.S. versions. DDRMAX has the tightest timing, 3 difficulty levels, and a decent selection of songs. DDRMAX2 adds a new (easier) difficulty level, a nonstop mode, and a GREAT selection of songs. DDRExtreme has a new (crappier) interface and mission mode. Extreme is somewhat dissapointing in that it doesn't have the songlist from the arcade version .. instead, there are a few new crappy songs, a VERY few decent new tracks, and a crapload of reused songs from the older games.

1-sentence recap: I reccomend DDRMAX2 over all other US PS2 versions.

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