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"Question about this Hellsing figure" , posted Sun 25 Sep 08:51post reply

I found this Seras Victoria (from Hellsing) figure on NCS-X's site and I'm wondering what exactly it's based on in the series (or Anime).

Is based on a scene in the Manga? If it is, I haven't seen it. Then again, Dark Horse has only released up to volume 6 of the manga in the US (volume 7 should be out next week). And I know that Seras didn't pull this stuff in the Anime.

As for the statue itself, I might get it--but I'm a bit cautious since the last StoryImageFigure figure I bought (the I-no stature where she has the guitar on her back) seems to be unnaturally leaning forward.

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"Re(1):Question about this Hellsing figure" , posted Sun 25 Sep 12:42post reply

It's from the manga. No spoilers, but we'll just say Serace gets very angry at Zorin Breets (was that her name? I'd need to look in the book and check, and it isn't on hand) after a certain incident.

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