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"New Publisher - XSEED" , posted Thu 22 Sep 10:49post reply

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet (Or maybe I'm just dumb and missed it in the TGS thread), but former Square president Jun Iwasaki's heading a new publishing studio:

Shadow Hearts 3 and Wild Arms 4 planned as their first two releases

Glad to see SH3 is making its way here, as it seemed to have done pretty well. Wild Arms 4 totally slipped under the radar for me, so I'm not sure what to make of that. Other than that, it's always interesting to see a new publisher/studio pop up, mostly in regards to how they'll handle localization, and what area they may or may not choose to focus on.


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"Re(1):New Publisher - XSEED" , posted Thu 22 Sep 11:03post reply

Both Shadow Hearts 3 and WA 4 are mediocre games, in my opinion. I went all the way through SH3, and while I don't regret doing so, it barely had a plot or character interactions at all. Most of the characters are charming and the gameplay is as good as SH can get (which is both good and bad), but it's not an excellent game by any means.

WA4 had fun mazes with neat puzzle/action elements, decent music...and that's it. The battle system was completely idiotic. It was like they said "what hasn't been done yet?" and when they did it, it was obvious why no one else had done it before. Also, the characters and story are typical, generic anime-ish garbage. A lot of people like that and will eat all the crap that companies shovel at them (then ask for seconds), but I've played too many RPGs to keep going through games like that. My limit is one a year (and I guess that honor went to Shadow Hearts).