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"Bookstores in Madrid" , posted Thu 8 Sep 11:14post reply

Ok my uncle is in Madrid at this very moment.
To me this is my perfect chance to stock up on Suehiro Maruo books.

Ive only found these adresses for bookstores in Madrid. down)

So to los Espanoles who roam this board ( I'm not even sure if any of you live in Madrid), are these places recommended? Or are there any other places you guys would recommend?

Thank you VERY much.



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"Re(1):Bookstores in Madrid" , posted Thu 8 Sep 18:35post reply

I'm not from Madrid, but Akira Comics is a well known comic bookstore there. Anyway, your uncle can try in any comic bookstore he stumbles upon, because: a) Prices won't change from one to another, and b) There's no guarantee that he is going to find stock of Maruo's work in the first one he visits (IIRC, the last published thing of him was a year ago or so).