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"Gyakuten Saiban DS site renewed! & LE info" , posted Fri 8 Jul 22:11post reply

The GSDS site has been rehauled and now has music just like the GS3 site, yay.

Plus, you can find info about the game and the upcoming LE package on the site & at GameWatch (

Seems like it'll come with a music CD (with the 10 new tracks?), a manga (I think!) and two cellphone-straps. Well, I'm not sure if the finger-pointing one is a cellpohone-strap, but I want it anyways.

Already inquired with P-A about whether or not they'll stock it.


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"Re(1):Gyakuten Saiban DS site renewed! & LE i" , posted Fri 8 Jul 22:35post reply

Why Suekane ? Why ?

I want Naruhodo's finger.
Now this is sexy.

ねんがんの ネ申ゲーをてにいれたぞ!