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"Ringu ni Kakero-Kuramada Masami-sensei's 1st" , posted Sat 25 Jun 05:52post reply

Just this past couple of weeks, I watched (all?) 12 episodes of this very unusual boxing anime called Ringu ni Kakero. Before and after my viewings of this show, I did some brief research and learned that this established Kuramada Masami (the creator of Saint Seiya and Bt'x) in Japan as well as Shounen Jump in the mid-1970s. And also, there is supposbly a famous drink in Japan named after one of the moves, the Heart Break Cannon (though it is not present in the anime) Despite the original manga being made 10 years before Saint Seiya, the anime had a short syndication late last fall and early winter.

As a boxing anime, I don't think Hajime no Ippo and Ashita no Joe fans would like it. If anything, I say this anime is more for Saint Seiya and Prince of Tennis (ie, pre-teen athletes who exceed the pro level....but with a certain twist like having a zone to have the ball come back to you).

If anyone follows this series, can you reccomend if the manga is any good? I intend on getting it while in Japan (I heard part 1 is 25 volumes and part 2 is 9) along with the 12 volume hardbacks of Ashita no Joe and volume 73 of Hajime no Ippo. Also, does anyone know if there is going to be a second season? Considering the ending, I hope they do a second season. Also, are there any games to this one?

The anime is not only interseting not because of it's use of fireballs as legitimate boxing moves (kind of interesting it doesn't hit the audience if an opponent dodges the move) and the incredible strength of pre-teen boxers (and to think Rikiishi knocking out two bulls and Takamura taking out a bear wasn't enough), but it keeps it's original 1970s feel. For example, when the German boxer, Scorpion (played by Midorikawa Hikaru) meets this French boxer named Bara, they meet in front of the Berlin wall. And when they have videos to show to other boxers, they actually use VCRs (or Beta?) made back then. Plus the American Jr. Champion Black Shaft (who I think resembles Carlos Rivera from Ashita no Joe) tends to have to dress all in disco and talks jive.

Anyway, like I said, I don't think Hajime no Ippo or Ashita no Joe fans would like this kind of anime due to the nature of how the characters fight. IMO, Hajime no Ippo captures it's audience because it's more realistic and has a down to earth feel. And frankly, Ringu ni Kakero is pretty much just about intense action though it has a basic story about a brother and sister team that want to exceed their father's pro career. But because I find it to be a classic, I say give it a chance. Otherwise, I feel Saint Seiya fans are more able to get into this anime a lot quicker since they are really similiar in terms of action and style.