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"randomness: lightsaber toy" , posted Fri 24 Jun 10:52post reply


Pricey and cool, check the little video.

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"Re(1):randomness: lightsaber toy" , posted Fri 24 Jun 11:48post reply

Stores in the US got these in about 2 months ago, though most places are sold out of them now. They're great to mess around with, and are sturdy enough that you can do some light-contact fighting with them. The lightsabers went for $100-120 here which was already steep, but 22,050円 is ridiculous.

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"Re(2):randomness: lightsaber toy" , posted Fri 24 Jun 14:08:post reply

I played around with them a bit at the store. They make nice sounds. But I say they should've made the saber brighter for style and sturdier for silly combat.

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