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"Asian MMOPRG beta of the week!" , posted Thu 23 Jun 01:17:post reply

RF ONLINE. I just stumbled over this at Impress Watch. It looks really cool. From what I could figure out, there's 3 races competing with each other for land and economic resources. Depending on how the players fight each other and control territory the economy is impacted and that race becomes stronger; kinda what Final Fantasy XI was trying to do. It definitely looks more interesting than your standard "kill 500 small slimy things to level then fight 1000 small blue slimy things; repeat" Korean MMORPGS we've seen lately.

Right now they're about to hold a closed beta. They require you to have a seganet account, but that takes about 10 seconds to sign up for. Then you have to answer the standard "How much of your life do you piss away on online games" styled questions. I'm trying to weasel my way in but I'm sure they don't really want non-Japanese people to be testing. Either way it said I was entered into the standings and I'll find out on July 1 (or sometime around then) if I get in.

I'm kinda hoping some other people will try too and if they aren't too stringent about entries (I made up a Japanese name just incase it's not automated) we could goof off together like we did in the RO beta a while back.

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