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"AGDI Team meets with Quest for Glory creators" , posted Mon 6 Jun 05:16post reply

Nothing big, but I still thought it was kinda cool. A lot of you probably already know that, after the VGA remake of King's Quest I and the revision or King's Quest II, the current project of AGDI is to remake Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, upgrading the visual and aural aspects, and even upgrading parts of the game engine. (By the way, ignore the release date on that page -- the official stance continues to be that it'll be done "when it's done.")

Just a few days ago, there was a journal update on how three members of the AGDI Team, including the two Anonymous Game Developers, had a chance to meet with Lori & Corey Cole, the original creators of the series.

Link Here

I guess this follows on the fact that the AGDI team finally received Sierra's permission for these remakes, several months back. [Link, scroll a little below halfway down -- and it's also on their legal statement.] Though, most likely after this project, they'll leave fan remakes and put full focus on their adventure game company, Himalaya Studios.

(Oh and -- though the two Anonymous Game Developers have revealed their identities outside of AGDI, with AGDI they still play on the "Anonymous" part for fun, pretty much.)



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"Re(1):AGDI Team meets with Quest for Glory cr" , posted Mon 6 Jun 06:46post reply

Ooh, this is interesting. Quest for Glory is the only American RPG series I've ever played and finished, and I loved its clever humor and sprawling, detailed world. Did I not pay attention to them making a remake of 1, which already had a pretty 2D remake that was fantastic, or are they really going to start with, ah, II? I think it's the only one I didn't play, what with the lame type-in commands instead of pointnclick. I'd be happy if they even just reissued the Quest for Glory Collection, which I regret I never was able to buy...


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"Re(2):AGDI Team meets with Quest for Glory cr" , posted Mon 6 Jun 19:20:post reply

Yeah, they're starting (and most likely ending) with QFG2. If I remember reading right, I believe this was actually the very first project that AGD1 wanted to do, before coming across AGD2 and doing King's Quest I (and the cancelled supposedly-satirical Royal Quest).

Sierra gave QFGI a VGA point-n-click type of upgrade, so there isn't much point to giving QFGI an update. A few AGDI fans have requested that AGDI remake some of the Sierra games that are already in VGA -- for instance, if the games have major amounts of bugs, or if the VGA version deviates too much from the original -- but, it's not worth the work, especially if it's already in VGA and wouldn't benefit cosmetically (even if AGDI adds a few engine upgrades to the remakes too). [Aside from that, it might not be allowed in the agreement that AGDI has with Sierra/Vivendi. I don't know, though -- I'm just speculating, based on the fact that the remakes would probably be too close to the VGA originals.]

About the text parser: yeah, I remember when I was young, I was weaned into the point-&-click style of adventure games with King's Quest VI -- then, for a birthday present, one of my friends happened to get me King's Quest IV. The text parser was a bit of a turn-off initially -- but once I got used to it (several years later), it was actually quite nice. I felt like I actually had some control over how, say, my character was going to interact with an item, instead of clicking on something and having it be an instant death trap. It is kind of annoying, though, when a text-parser game gets particularly picky about verbs and nouns. [About QFG2VGA -- it'll include the point-and-click interface.]

And about the QFG Collection: you can find it on eBay. It's in demand, though, so winning bids can get a bit high.


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