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"Bata-kun no Tounamento - 7/29" , posted Sun 29 May 11:09:post reply


I plan to conduct a tournament at my house to make up for the fiasco at Fanime (don't ask), the Saturday after my birthday, the 29th of July. Here's how it goes. Assuming that you paid for at least one tournament, to be free for

one game - Bring in a fan art, keychain, or the like. If you're still confused, anything less than $10, except for a manga book will do. Oh and if you cosplay, you're free for one game as well.

two games - Bring in a manga volume. That or any other gift between $10 and $20.

three games - Bring in your own equipment or anything more than $20.

Three should be the limit. Yes, if you bring in a keychain and a fan art, you're free for two games. Hee hee!

Oh. Most of the tournaments will be for $5. There will be a free one, but I haven't decided on which game will be free. Assuming that a lot of people will show up, all tournaments, except for the free one will be double elimination and best of one match. The free one will be single elimination and best of three matches. All tournaments will have a limit of 32 people, except for the free one, which will be 16.

Sign ups begin at noon and the tournaments begin at 2. More details will be given later. Please think about this seriously because I really had a horrible time at Fanime, which shouldn't happen because it's in the top 10 in the world of biggest cons outside of Japan.

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