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"Morpheus is dead" , posted Fri 27 May 06:35post reply

Just a curiosity I found:

Das link.

So adorable... Gluttony

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"Re(1):Morpheus is dead" , posted Fri 27 May 07:03post reply

Just a curiosity I found:

Das link.

Heh heh heh. I just love the line in the first paragraph- "Who would have expected so many fans of the first film to be critical of the sequels?" I mean, when the first one is great, then the sequels have to be great too, right? Hollywood's never ruined franchises with sequels, right?

And I thought the game was supposedly really really buggy when it was released... did it really get "strong if not stellar reviews"? Anyway, the plot twist sounds interesting. Hopefully Neo and Morpheus won't have a comic book-style resurrection... I have respect for story writers that are willing to kill off a character and keep them dead.

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"Re(2):Morpheus is dead" , posted Fri 27 May 08:29post reply

Is this Dave Perry's fault?