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"Tengai Makyō" , posted Thu 12 May 23:56:post reply

Tengai Makyō 2 on DS this summer, Tengai Makyō 4 on Pisupi this autumn.
Back to that time when Tengai 3 was never released. What a relief.

Also, on a totally unrelated subject : the bubble of moe.

ねんがんの ネ申ゲーをてにいれたぞ!

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"Re(1):Tengai Makyō" , posted Fri 13 May 06:08post reply

If they could make some stinking gameplay improvements on TM4, I'm sold. Actually...well, I hate the characters, too. They're too ugly and boring, excluding...Seiya (who is still boring) and Ace, I guess. I really liked Ace. I liked...erm...Bull the best? I think that was his name. He was the Native American chief that had the problems with the dogs. Hahaaha...that's the best way I can describe him. He had the BEST VOICE EVER.