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I don't mean to sound like a Star Wars geek, which I really aren't, promise, but this made me laugh.

"It was 1992, and the movie prequels were on the distant horizon. But I had a Super
Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the most advanced consoles at the time, and a new "Super Star Wars" cartridge that blew me away.

This LucasArts title remains a sentimental favorite I still dust off my SNES and play from time to time. The game followed the movie events precisely, with stereo sound and excellent color graphics in a side-scrolling adventure. As Luke Skywalker, I ran through the deserts of Tatooine, braved dingy Mos Eisley cantinas, then blew up the Death Star all over again."

I don't seem to recall being able to play as Han Solo and run through and defeat Darth Vader with a blaster as following the movie events precisely.