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"Line-up E3 Majesco" , posted Thu 12 May 02:00post reply

Demonik (NextGen)
The Darkness (NextGen)
Taxi Driver (NextGen)
Aeon Flux (Xbox, PS2)
Jaws Unleashed (Xbox, PS2)
Advent Rising (Xbox)
Psychonauts (PS2)
Black & White Creatures (PSP, DS)
Nanostray (DS)
Advent Shadow (PSP)
Bust-A-Move DS (DS)
Guilty Gear Judgment (PSP/DS)
Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (PSP/DS)

Infected (PSP)
Texas Hold ‘Em Poker DS (DS)
Golden Nugget Casino DS (DS)
A Boy and His Blob (PSP und/oder DS)
ATV Quad Frenzy (DS)

Have I miss something?what is the relation between Majesco and Sammy/ASW ?

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"Re(1):Line-up E3 Majesco" , posted Thu 12 May 02:29post reply

no relation, just looks like Majesco is publishing the latest handheld ports.