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"Rakion: competitive online 'console' action" , posted Thu 28 Apr 03:40:post reply

Rakion -- from softnyx
(Thanks to desu at RagnaInfo for the news.)

So, another medieval-style game where, according to the site, "you can experience the palm sweating action of consoles online." And from the move lists and the trailer (~32 MB, 01:36) -- it seems like it might be worth trying out. [The move lists are accessible under the Short Range Weapon, Long Range Weapon, & Chaos Mode pages for each character. And for the trailer -- the first 30 seconds of the trailer are just character model rotations and characters running around. If you're not interested in that, you can just skip it.]

(Admittedly, some of the action in the trailer doesn't seem all that involving -- though, with the available movelist, I can imagine the gameplay getting a bit deep. Let's hope the gameplay does actually turn out to be deep.)

According to the Game Rule page, like with Gunbound, this game is played competitively -- though here, you get in teams of 10, and you each strive to complete a mission while preventing the other team from completing theirs.

Open Beta for this one supposedly also starts in early May, according to this page. Client can be downloaded at that time too, from here. (That download page shows the comp requirements.)


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