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"To the lovers of wine and good writing..." , posted Mon 25 Apr 17:13:post reply

Dear Guys:

I feel so good to communicate that one of my favorite writer, Charles Bukosky, is going to be in touch again.
The other day I notice that the movie,¨Factotum¨is going to be realese here in Norway the next 28 or 29 of April.
For the people that dont know about this writer, let me tell you that is one of the most human narrator that I have ever read. His simplicity in his words are so full of reality and beatiful humor, the humor of the loser. The humor of the millions of americans that lived the 70's to the 90's under the vision of someone who was inside of the underculture called the ¨beat¨ generation.
Are you interested? Go and find for your self a taste of this movie, the one that I'm not gonig to miss, wathing first the movie ¨BARFLY¨. This movie shows 3 consecutives days life of Henry Chinaski( his alterego) in his inocent 24 years old.
Try some Bukosky with a porton wine;
IT's going to change your life. at least a bit.
nothing more to write.


Some people never go crazy
what truly horrible life they must lead
Charles Bukowski.

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