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"Favorite 2D Fighting Game Girl brackets..." , posted Tue 5 Apr 17:26post reply

Megane and Beta Kun seem to have left this tourney hanging, so I guess we might as well do a closure to it.

What I did was to just take the results from that nomination thread. 36 nominations, out of 66, have at least 2 votes each, so they will be in the official tourney.

The 36 are placed in 4 groups of 9. Each group will have 3 rounds of eliminations that will determine the winner of each group. The winners will proceed to the semis to face each other and 2 more rounds of elimination will take place to determine the winner.

Since there is an extra slot in each group, one of the matches in the first round of elimination will be a 3-way match and only 1 shall proceed to the next round. Not exactly the most fair way to go about doing it, but I can't think of anything better.

OK, here are the brackets. Voting will begin within 24 hours from now.

Group A
Baiken ("GG")
Foxy ("KoF")
Nakoruru ("SS")

I-no ("GG")
Millia ("GG")

Makoto ("SF")
Kasumi ("Ryuuko")

Jenet ("MotW")
Vice ("KoF")

Group B
Vanessa ("KoF")
Hibiki ("Gekka")
Q-Bee ("Vampire")

Jam ("GG")
Anna ("Tekken Advance")

Sakura ("SF")
Reimi ("VG")

Leona ("KoF")
Angel ("KoF")

Group C
Chun Li ("SF")
Mary ("GD")
Tabasa ("PF")

Kula ("KoF")
Bulleta ("Vampire")

Elena ("SF")
Rose ("SF")

Jinju/May Lee ("KoF")
Ayako ("VG")

Group D
Ibuki ("SF")
Morrigan ("Vampire")
Yuri ("Ryuuko")

Mai ("GD")
Felicia ("Vampire")

Hinako ("KoF")
Shermie ("KoF")

Lei Lei ("Vampire")
Diana ("KoF")


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"Re(1):Favorite 2D Fighting Game Girl brackets" , posted Tue 5 Apr 20:19:post reply

*raises hand*

Block D hasn't been finished yet. Block C seems to be an Ibuki/B Jenet win. I'm getting swamped at work, so if you want, you can continue it. ^_^;

Block A:

Block B:
Chun Li

Block C:
B Jenet

Block D:
Makoto vs Sakura
Lei Lei vs May Lee

Edit: B Jenet not Leona, duh

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