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"Giga Wing Generations on PS2: good?" , posted Fri 25 Mar 14:31post reply

Chances of an arcade around here gettting GWG: nil.

Has anybody played Giga Wing Generations? Is it good? It certainly didn't look like much of a visual upgrade over GigaWing 2 in the screenshots, but I'd like to know how the damn thing plays.


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"Re(1):Giga Wing Generations on PS2: good?" , posted Fri 25 Mar 19:49:post reply

People don't agree. The arcade game in itself was really not good, worse than 2, but the PS2 version has a great original mode.
The arcade was 60 FPS, but with huge frame drop (can you say it in english?). To prevent that, the PS2 version is only 30 FPS, and doesn't drops as much. It seems to bother some players a lot.
Also, you have infinite continues from the start.

However, the general opinion is that the arcade game was crap. Some people think the PS2 version is better, with its original mode and the disappearance of the slowdown, other loathe the dropped framerate and say the game looks like shit now. The loadings are quite slow, because the game is a CD (so they say)(but someone tries to save it : "it loads faster than a NGCD game!").

One guy says a d˘jin schmup (Edoma Engine?) is far better, and he is answered by "it's mean for GW to compare it to this game". Well, it's a commercial game that has been overshadowed by a d˘jin game.
I loved GW1, I was severely disapointed by GW2, and I waited a lot from this game.
I think I'll pass, personally.

Also, the official name of Generations is "Yokushin", but it became "Yoshikun".
So :
1 >>>>>> (unsurpassable wall)>>>>> 2 >>> Yoshikun.


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