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"Those old VG Game Shows..." , posted Fri 18 Mar 04:05:post reply

... yeah, shows like Starcade, Nickelodeon Arcade, etc. I was at least old enough to remember Nick Arcade as a kid. I remember I'd watch it religiously for video game clips (it was one of the first places Sonic 2 was shown, without Tails and using Sonic 1 stage music). Though I remember I'd often be screaming at the TV at how badly the contestants played video games.

While I've come across a page of Nick Arcade's format, I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with the kinds of trivia questions and the kinds of Video Game challenges presented. Anyone remember off-hand the high-score challenges or completion challenges (or others) the gameshows gave?

(Or, what else might you have to say about the shows?)

EDIT: Oh, and pics of Nick Arcade -- or sites with 'em. (... I'm getting nostalgic here.)
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"Re(1):Those old VG Game Shows..." , posted Fri 18 Mar 04:40post reply

Bwahahaha, I remember Nick Arcade, and might remember it more fondly if the people hadn't been so inept. At least it was before the era of TV's manufactured "X-treme Tony Hawk-playing gamers!" shows, though. I remember to this day how the announcer said Dr. Robo-nik instead of Dr. Robotnik when refering Eggman. Oof.


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"Re(1):Those old VG Game Shows..." , posted Fri 18 Mar 12:25post reply

I remember watching Video Power (season 2) and thinking that I could beat those snot-nosed brats out of the competition, easy.

I remember Terry (the announcer guy) from the Powerfest tour. He made fun of my dad between competitions because he was reading a book in the tent, and then later gave him a free hat for being a good sport about it.

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"Re(1):Those old VG Game Shows..." , posted Fri 18 Mar 13:20post reply

Who would guess that Nick was probably the first to give snk games national exposure almost daily.

Usually atleast one game on Nick Arcade was SNK. I remember Robo Army, Last Resort, Blues Journey, Ghost Pilots, King of Monsters.

They also had Ghouls & ghosts, Sol Deace, and Toki. GMF choices for Nick.