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"Higurashi no naku koro ni" , posted Sat 12 Mar 22:26post reply

Everybody's favorite scary serial murder detective doujin game has just started it's manga in four different magazines by four different authors. Plus another 4 koma series that was supposed to start in moeyon but hasn't been heard from yet. This must be the highest number of "official manga" based on a single game yet.

Just when I thought Higurashi craze was starting to die down too with reports of copies of the game's newest chapter being left on the shelf(on the 3rd press run).

On a side note, by any slim chance has anyone on this board played the game? I still haven't much of a clue on solving 鬼隠し and 祟殺し. I need somebody to discuss it. The official bbs has some pretty good discussions on it too, but there hadn't been any good breakthroughs... I need to find more people that have played the gameee.


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"Re(1):Higurashi no naku koro ni" , posted Sun 13 Mar 00:34post reply

Cute girl with cleaver!
No, I haven't played it, but I'm surprised how popular it has become. I wasn't too impressed the first time I saw it but I should get this before it becomes scarce.

So much Higurashi fanart and doujinshi too...

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"Re(2):Higurashi no naku koro ni" , posted Mon 14 Mar 19:48post reply

This game has a kind of expiry date on the amount of fun you'll get out of the game. This year's reaching the expiry date, I think. If you really want to get as much fun out of the game as possible, you'll have to play it before the next comiket. (summer, not SP)

It'll suck to play the game next year or something and end up not having anyone to discuss the game with.

Also there's a Touhou manga starting in the new Comp Ace too apparently with the higurashi gaiden. Almost interesting enough to buy, except I wouldn't be able to find the mag here anyway.

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"Re(3):Higurashi no naku koro ni" , posted Mon 14 Mar 20:13post reply

Does anyone know of an English language forum or fan site for this game? I'm interested in what you're talking about, even though I have no chance of playing it, but I can't find anything for it in Google.