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"A wasted morning" , posted Sat 5 Mar 20:09post reply

I like it when someone goes browsing through Pya! so I don't have to do it myself :
special menu
If you had a wide screen, you could see more
Valentine day chocolate
I like the person who wrote this
Hey ! It's my number !

But since I'm more of a Hima. person myself :
Omedeta !
Nyarlatotep moe!
We two are one
Snake? Snake !
Satan ga boku wo bad eye ni meeting !
mezamashi neko
what is futs ?
inai inai inai pan !
The most important question of the day.

And finally :
G !

Moi : Oui bien sr mais pourrions nous quitter le milieu de la route et discuter de cela sur le trottoir?
Amaterasu : Oh ils n'oseront pas. Je suis dans mon droit.
Moi : Vous savez je prfre avoir tord et rester en vie.
Amaterasu : Ah ? Pas moi.