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"Gunparade March & Sequel, OZ" , posted Sat 5 Mar 19:26post reply

First, I didn't even know Alpha system was porting Gunparade on PS2.
As a bonus, we now know their new game, Kenran Butôsai, will be Gunparade's sequel.

On a completely unrelated note, the official site of OZ has been updated with nearly nothing.
Apparently, you just throw the monsters at your teammates, who then combo automatically and pass the ennemy from one to another without you doing anything until they pass it back to you. I'm not exactly sure to see where the rythmical part is, but...

Moi : Oui bien sûr mais pourrions nous quitter le milieu de la route et discuter de cela sur le trottoir?
Amaterasu : Oh ils n'oseront pas. Je suis dans mon droit.
Moi : Vous savez je préfère avoir tord et rester en vie.
Amaterasu : Ah ? Pas moi.