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"PS2 Ys 4 Mask of Sun" , posted Thu 3 Mar 17:31post reply

Ys IV Mask of the Sun -a new theory-
Taito, 26 of may, 6090yen.
The stages will be rended with polygons..
The scenario and systems will be entirely redone (???)
And the story will as well (the nuance between "scenario" and "story"...?)

Amongst the new system, you can get a sword called seiken and use the power of elementals, or something. Looks like Ys 6.

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"Re(1):PS2 Ys 4 Mask of Sun" , posted Fri 4 Mar 13:04post reply

I hear it speculated that it may incorporate elements of Dawn of Ys... but that may just be a wet fanboy dream.

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