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"A stupid schmup for me kitaaa" , posted Wed 23 Feb 08:48post reply

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I wasn't interested by the first images of Rajilugi (videos at Click-Stick) but I had missed a very important detail : the language used in the game.
I didn't have my survival horror game in kanbun, but at least I will have a Schmup in 2ch-go!

It's like Japan couldn't go on as a civilization without this. Because, you know, schmups ota weren't kimoi enough yet, and they needed something more so that people could sneeze at them with disgust.
(I mean, schmup ota, not Shikigami ota. Those are already lost to mankind it seems).

By the way, was Chaos Field worth anything?

Moi : Oui bien sr mais pourrions nous quitter le milieu de la route et discuter de cela sur le trottoir?
Amaterasu : Oh ils n'oseront pas. Je suis dans mon droit.
Moi : Vous savez je prfre avoir tord et rester en vie.
Amaterasu : Ah ? Pas moi.