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"DVD releases question" , posted Wed 16 Feb 00:13post reply

I was talking to a friend about future DVD releases and somehow the topic of "rated DVDs" came up.

My friend kept on telling that a rated DVD really meant a "censured DVD", with deleted scenes, "fading to black" issues, etc.

I said that a rated DVD was just a "labelled" DVD, with a sort of tag impressed to give advise to the audience on the content of it (whether it was suitable to children to watch or not, etc.) And that the movie itself wasn't censored.

My question is if this is accurate or not. If a rated DVD is really censured how can I know what was actually censured? Is there a website that list this kind of information?

I'm talking about US releases. My friend also told me that European releases, even those rated, were not censured. I wonder if this holds true, though.


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"Re(1):DVD releases question" , posted Wed 16 Feb 00:50post reply

It might help if your friend had given some examples. For general, mainstream releases there could be a regular release -which is the version that was released theatrically- and an unrated version with slogans like "THE VERSION TOO HOT FOR THE THEATRES" or some other nonsense stamped across the front. Usually these feature little more than scenes edited for time or to secure a particular rating and come across as marketing gimmicks than some sort of treasure trove of information for film scholars that want to study the various editions of the same movie. If you can talk somebody into buying an Ashton Kutcher movie you might as well see if you can sucker them into buying it twice.

There are, however, cases where rated equals edited. For example, several Takashi Miike movies have been released in the US in unrated, original cuts and toned down, rated releases for those who want horrifying sex and violence but just not as much of it.

Really, it all depends on the movie.